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woah this is cool :D
Thu Sep 12, 2013, 5:33 AM
Mon Sep 9, 2013, 7:34 PM



I set up my first comission. For the meantime the price is set, but I'll be giving a 20% rebate to any of my watchers! Just send a note if you do a comission saying you're a watcher, I'll go to confirm that, and once I get the points and once the comission is complete and submitted I'll send your points back in the form of a donation :3 
First off I'd like to say thanks for reading, the teaser I posted has been getting quite a bit of attention it seems, and despite the fact that I have neglected to submit it to a group, it seems to be getting at the very least 5-10 views per day if not more! So on that note, thanks a lot everyone I really appreciate it :D

Okay, and next off. I've been in finals for school for the past few weeks, so writing has been pushed to the back burner for a while now. Fortunately, my schedule is now in the clear for the rest of the school year, which means I'll have so much more time than I've ever had for writing.

I think I work better with a set release date so.. why don't we set it up for 15-2 (or 2-15 for some people), two weeks from now.

In the meantime, anyone who shares, favorites, writes a journal about, or comments on this journal will receive a lifetime supply of appreciation and thanks! :D

To whom this may concern,
Once, many years ago, there was a school. This wasn’t any ordinary school, it was special. It made progress and did things nobody else thought possible. Several of these things being, by all accounts, less than legal. But many technological developments we now take for granted took place in that place..
That being said, I am here to investigate and write down the accounts from this facility. I am here to find the truth behind the incident. These accounts will take place over the course of several years, keeping attention to a single class from their starting year to their final year. Further research may be needed as the four year period is rather small in the school’s fascinating 27 year history, however I will do what I can with what I have.
I do not know where this investigation will take me and I do not know what I will find, all I know is I will record the events of these years, seemingly relevant or otherwise, into this case file, and see where it takes me. I will insert commentary as it progresses. I hope that I can find out what caused the incident in time. For the sake of all of us.

James Rampart,
Private Investigator
It's been a while to be honest, but I've finally gained inspiration and I'm working on a new project.
Before I get into detail I'll give credit where credit is due.
This is based on a cleverly written, unposted, and interesting piece of writing titled Fandom Wars, by :iconthe-equine-doctor:
Fandom Wars is used as a base for the series I'm starting, and many aspects held within will be borrowed (with permission)

But on to the details.
First off, scheduling.
Homestuck: Ballan, my first experiment into written series, was a decent success and I feel like it worked out well. I apologize to any of you who were dissapointed by my abandoning it so suddenly, but I stopped writing due to personal reasons that I'll keep private, and just say that it causes a great deal of pain to write any more in this story. But anyways. Homestuck Ballan was pretty non-specific with scheduling. I updated randomly and I updated often. What I sent out was often half polished (at best) and in need of major revision, which I neglected to provide. This new series will have a regular update schedule, but the gaps between updates will be longer. This will not only lead to MUCH longer updates, sending material out chapter at a time, until I have a whole book out there. Then.. well we'll see how far this takes me. Homestuck Ballan was a story that lasted almost a year. This new series I hope will last at least 4. 4 years, of course, as in through the entirety of my undergrad years, which I'll be starting this September. I'll probably keep it up through med school, too, resulting in a solid 7 years of writing. That'll add up quickly I think.

Secondly, subject.
What's it about?
Well.. I'm not good on hints so I'll just let you find out when I send out my first update.
Back to scheduling.
I won't set a schedule until a few updates. I'll get a good feel of how long it takes to draft one out, revise it, and revise it again. I'm thinking either bi-weekly, or monthly. But we'll just have to see.
The first update I'll try to crank out in the next 2 weeks, to see if the bi-weekly schedule would work. Oh and updates will most likely be on Sunday. So come on back to my page on 1/18, the evening most likely. It will almost definitely be up then! If not, come back the next day, maybe I forgot. If not then, it'll hopefully be up on 2/1, funny how that works, the first day of February is a Sunday. But yeah I'll be working on it until then.

I've mentioned about 5,000,000 times and I'm sure you're just tired of it, but I MIGHT have a raffle of some sort for this..!
...Oh who am I kidding. I'll be too busy to bother. But link this journal in a journal of yours, or maybe favorite this? I won't give you anything or submit you in a raffle, but I'll certainly appreciate the thought ^-^

Wishing you the best,


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United States
Nah, I'm no radio host, and I'm not in Vietnam, but yknow what, what the hell?
I'm Thom, but you may know me by one of my usernames, distinguishedPhysics (or the variant distinguishedPhysician) is my chumhandle and you can pester me on Pesterchum!
To download it go to… trust me, it's legit! I hope. I'm downloading it right now.
My Aspect:
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My God tier:
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Dream Self:
Derse Dreamer 2.0 by SkaianAngel

And in the news..
I'm getting a website!
I'll post a journal on this once I make more progress.

And now, the weather:
Welcome to Night Vale Stamp by SpoonyMacks

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The official knight of time here says hello!

Is Thom your real name or a wheel of time reference?
DistinguishedPhysics Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Well thank you for saying hi!
And actually it is my real name :P
I myself, unfortunately, haven't yet read the Wheel of Time series, always been meaning to, never got a chance.
I just might have to go buy a copy :3
Triskaidecahedron Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Oh! I think you should, it's a very wonderful series and currently my favorite, although A Song of Ice and Fire might beat it soon.

In WoT Thom is one of the coolest characters by far. He doesn't have any special powers except being incredibly fit, for an old guy... c:
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Still,  thank you. ;D
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Hey ... I wish you had not deleted your post to me about the Ouija board. I found it very interesting and wanted to comment on it but when I went to do that the next day, you'd deleted it. Why?
DistinguishedPhysics Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Oh? Interesting. I can't recall that post, must've been a good while ago I suppose? I hadn't discovered the "edit" feature with comments, journals, etc. Until recently, so I was probably in some way dissapointed with the post and felt like it was detrimental to my image rather than beneficial. But who knows maybe I misclicked and didn't fix it? Either way if you could tell me where my post was I could happily undelete it for you :P
angemuet Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2015
I'd responded to a question regarding ouija boards ... in a nutshell, how I stopped having bad luck after finding mine under my bed and throwing it away. your response was a scientific one regarding luck... it began with an equation which I don't recall except it had this in it: =/= ..... anyway, if you don't remember, it's okay but no it wasn't long ago, it was very recent.
DistinguishedPhysics Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Oh! THat one! I don't recall deleting that reply actually.. Let me see if I can go find that.
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